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Project Description
GastrOS is an endoscopic reporting application based on open standards: openEHR and MST. GUI is driven by Archetypes/Templates. It is part of our research at the University of Auckland to investigate software maintainability and interoperability.
Uses openEHR.Net on CodePlex



Watch this 5 min video about the model we use (endoscopy) and how our application (C#/.Net) looks like.


The project aims to deliver an openEHR based endoscopic reporting application using C# and MS .Net. Architecturally it consists of two parts:

  1. The “Wrapper” Application: a simple and generic application which drives the openEHR based component. It includes functions like patient and visit management and sign-off/reporting.
  2. openEHR/MST Structured Data Entry Component (MST-SDE): contains core domain knowledge related data entry/update functionality driven by underlying MST Archetypes & Templates.

The combination of Wrapper application and MST-SDE component acts like a single application and can be used for creating valid endoscopy reports. It is anticipated that possible usage scenarios of GastrOS will mainly be in two ways:

  1. Directly using MST-SDE through its API (application programming interface)
  2. Using an “Extended/Commercial Wrapper Application” which will provide an HL7 v2.x interface to integrate with other systems easily.

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